My face,your face,our face

When it’s summer is more complicate to have a beautyful face.The face skin is gettin dry and also can be affected by the sun.Here are the steps I follow and you should follow for a beautyful face:
1.Hidratation-the skin is becomes dry and you must pay more attention at hidratation.You can use:


this moisturizing lotion from Clinique at day


and this moisture at night-Murad
2.Cleaning-you must clean your face beacuse at summer it’s a lot polluation and the city is very dirty.You can use:


this cleaning oil from Clinique
3.Protection-you need to protect your from sun.You can use:


this cream with SPF30 from NARS
If you follow this easy steps every day your skin will look perfect.For a better result at the end of the week you can use a mask or a hidrating oil like this:


tea tree face mask-The Body Shop


Josie Maran Argan oil

Till next time,don’t forget about the lipstik 😘


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