My morning routine

Hello dears ! Sorry for the time that i didn’t post but I was very busy,we will talk more about this tomorrow at our Sunday Talk. Now I will present you my Morning Routine !


I’m not a very matinal person but I’m forced to wake up at 6am every morning by my very busy program.


The first thing I do in the morning is brushing my teeth. I like to have a beautiful smile.


Washing my face is also an important step in my morning routine. I use a Miceliar Water from Gerovital, it’s hydratating an it’s left your skin clean.


After I finish everything in the bathroom, I go right to my closet. I chose my outfit and I am changeing my cozy pijamas.


Hair and makeup next !


For breakfast I like to keep it simple with an yougurt or an apple.


I take my bag,put my shoes on an I’m ready to leave home at 7:15am !๐ŸŒž


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