Sunday Talks

Hello girls, I know is Monday but I didn’t do a Sunday Talk for two weeks so it’s time for a little girls talk 😗. Ok,this week was very busy,on Monday and Tuesday I had two exams so I was exausted after them (hope I will take a good mark 😇). On Tuesday,after we finished our exams we discovered a new gourgeous library, Seneca Anticafe. You pay like 3$ (8 lei) per hour and you can use WI-FI,you can eat something from their kitchen,you can read,you can have a busniess meeting or just enjoy a good tea.



On Friday I went for some shopping but I will show you in a future post what I bought.
The weekend was very full and I didn’t have time to post because on Sunday I had a fencing competition (I won the nineth place🎉) and on Saturday I went to a baptiste.


Hope everyone had a good and productive weekend and se you soon !💋💋


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