Sunday Talks

Hello girls, this weekend I was ill and the flu forced me to stay in the house so,nothing important to tell you about my end of the week. On Friday I had a fencing competition (9th place again) an this Thursday I will go to Poland ! I’m so excited.


And because the idea of this post is to stay with you at a coffe and speak intersting subjects, I want to ask you what do you think about the nude of Kim Kardashian (i’m sure you saw them) ?

Congratulation Kim,I wouldn’t have and I will not have the courage to do this. She is a confident woman and we know this but I think that this is a little bit too much…the way she reacted to the messages and to the others oppinion was so nasty. So,you don’t need to show us your bubs for making us like you.

P.S. This was my oppinion,I want to hear yours.

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