Colour Correcting

Many of you don’t know but I’m a student at The Fine Arts School and I see everyday that make-up is just a way of art on your face,an action who should put in light your natural beauty. And because I belive that make-up should benefit your natural beauty, I don’t agree with contouring (is just my opinion guys 😉). When evere I have a pimple or  dark circles I appeal to the colour correction. Is pure art applied in make-up and that’s why I’m realy into it.


Is very simple,you just follow a easy colour scheme 🔛 the pimple is red so you mask it with green,the dark circles are blue or purple so you apply a orange or yellow corrector and if your face is pale just put on some purple powder.


And for make it more simple just look at this girl 😀👇


And in the end I just found this amazing powder set from Sephora,it’s a must !


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