Summer Beauty Update

This summer is all about that natural tan and the skin glow we all want. Forget the contourig and big lips and update your makeup purse with these products. Have fun,be natural !


Collistar-Body Scrub

Prepare your skin by exfoliateing it every week,even twice a week.

Givenchy Dahila Noir-Shower Gel

Wash your body with a fresh scent,but also chose a nutrishing formula. I realy like this shower gel from Givenchy.

Vita Liberta

If you didn’t have time to lay in the sun,use this lotion and you will look like you just came back from Hawaii.

Self tan-Victoria's Secret

This is my fav bronzer of all times. Is amazing. I realy recomand you to try it !

Bumbel and Bumbel-Shampoo

In summer my hair tends to be very greasy so I chose a shampoo that keep it under control.


And my face is also geting oily so I use this hydrating gel thaf keeps my sebum at a normal level.

Avene-Haydrating Mask

I put this mask almost every night and in the morning my face is looking very glowy and fresh.


As a foundation chose a light formula.

Estee Lauder-Iluminator

From now the iluminator should be your best friend,trust me,you will love it !


And the last touch is this bronzer from Benefit and I think that everyone heared about it and almost everyone is loving it.


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