Summer Plans


Next week I will have two exams and after them,I’m done,NO MORE SCHOOL…and let the sumer begin !

☆ On 3rd July I will go to the 2000 Sidney Olympic Complex in Izvorani with my fancig team.


☆After Izvorani I’m going again to Navodari (ohh..a lot of memories). Black Sea,I’m coming!


☆ A day after I’m coming back from Navodari it’s my birthday ! So I want to hold an Olympic Games themed party.

☆ On 30th July I’m going to Rock the City Festival ! Can’t wait to see Iron Maiden and Muse !

☆ After a week in Bucharest I’m traveling to Forban.


☆ I’m back in Bucharest at 13th of August and I have tickets at another festival,Zutopia where Rihanna and Sia will perform.

☆ On 24th of August I’m leaving Bucharest and I’m going with all my family in Greece.

Things I want to do

-organize a BBQ with my friends

-go on a trip in the Carpatian Mountins

-watch the stars with an important person for me

-hang out how much I can with my friends

-ride a horse

-buy a new bike

-go to Therme

     Enjoy Sumer !💐



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