Summer Kit

This post contains a makeup purse with everything you need to survive this summer and a brochure with tips and advices. Read the article below and you will have no problems this summer.

Sun,tan and sunscreen

One of the most important things in summer is to protect yourself from the UV rays and there is no better way to do it than using everyday a sunscreen lotion. If you have very sensitive skin,better stay under the umbrella and try some selftaner.

Garnier Amber Solarie Sun Lotion

Coola Radical Recovery after sun lotion


One solution for a lot of problems. If you want a beautiful glowy skin,exfoliate. If you want your selftaner to look good,exfoliate. If you want an easy shaving,exfoliate.

Sephora scrub

Feel good,smell good

We all know that in summer we sweat and sometimes we smell. Macke sure that this won’t happen to you and use a good antiperspirant and a fresh new fragverance.

Donna Karan Antiperspirant

Chanel Chance

Take care of your hair

The hair is also a part of your body and sometimes it gets dry so use a  nutrishing oil.

Ouai Nutrishing Oil


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