What to pack…?

If you’re going to seaside. I just came back from Navodari and I wanted to show you what I always pack for a 7 days trip to seaside.

First thing,you need to make sure you choose a perfect bag for your destination. I like the Samsonite bags,and this one with flowers on it is perfect for any trip to seaside.

Next thing I do after chooseing my bag is cheking the weather and writing a list with the things I should pack.

Pack 7 to 10 tops,you will have a t-short for each day and other 3 tops for any emergency.

When it comes to pants,I take with me about 3-4 pairs of shorts,1-2 pairs of long jeans and I also pack about 2 skirts.

I quite like to pack as many dresses and jumpsuits as I can becaise they’re very easy to wear from beach to fancy restaurant.

And this is it with the things that are ocuppeing  a lot of space in your baggage. Now ist’s time for the beauty bag and shoes.

The word that describes my shoes when I’m in vacantion is ‘comfy’. I always  don’t pack any heels or some fancy shoes that will probably be distroied.

I keep it simple with makeup and pack just my foundation,a bronzer and a SPF cream.

And I was about to forget the most important thing in your bag,the swimsuit.


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