Fall Makeup

Hello girls ! Yesterday I showed you my favourite fashion trends for fall and now I want to show you the beauty trends I like 😊

Ok,it’s no longer a mistery that the big,bold Kylie Jenner lips are a quite big trend. This summer wear your lipstik in dark colours.

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstik, Sephora Lip Stain

I allready imagine this glittery look on Christmas or New Year parties. Love it 💛

Make up forever Glitter,Urban Decay Glitter eyeliner

The black liner never dies but this fall trt new shapes and forms,BREAK THE RULES !

Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Gel,Kate von D Eyeliner

A white eyeliner will make your eyes bigger and it’s looking so icey and cool.

Stila Eyeliner,Nars Eyeliner

It don’t have to be summer to wear highlight 🌞

Laura Mercier Highlighter

And least but not last,the 80’s inspired eye look. Let’s dance !

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Pallete,Kate von D eyeshadow


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