Skinny or fit ?

In the past few years the outside beauty has become more important than the outside beauty and the socitey created so many targets…it’s so hard to keep up with everyone.

If you follow me on Instagram or read my blog you problaby saw that I make performance fencing and this really help me with keeping my body and mind strong and healthy.Among my daily fencing trainings I like to go to gym. My goal isn’t to be skkiny…my goal is to be fit and healthy.

When I decided to start losing some pounds my target was to look like a Victoria’s Secret model…and then what ?  This wasn’t a real goal,this ain’t help me at all. Maybe I could look like them but then I would start eating bad things and go back to my old body and habbits…and I relly didn’t want this.With some help from my coach I realised that the target is to be a better you,to always challenge yourself,to build a strong mind and not to look skinny….to look fit and tonified. You shouldn’t work out to look like Kendall Jenner,you should work out because that helps your mind and body.


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