You and the bath

Perfect sunday night=me+a warm bath+a good book+a glass of wine. Sounds good,no ?

In quite simple to have a little spa at your house. Chek this…


Step 1-Never ever take your phone with you ! Serious ! Leave the problems at the door…now you need to relax. Hmm…you could take it with you just to put some good music.

Step 2-Read a book or a something relaxing…


Step 3-Use a face mask. Isn’t it amazing when you get out of the bathroom with a baby skin. Oh yaa,it is.


ShiSheido mask from Douglas

Step 4-Candels and oils that smell beautiful and are helping you to just chill.


Step 5-Qualty products just for you. Your favourite noutrishing body wash,that colorful bath bomb you like…everything just for you.

Bath bombs,scrub and shower gel from Sephora


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