Fab Guide 1

Hey guys ! As I told you on my Instagram,this summer I have a lot of exciting things for you ! The first new project is Fab Guide. It is basicaly a beauty and style guide where I share my secrets and tips that I learned at the fine arts school. But the main reson that I  do this is not telling you do that,don’t do that…it’s about helping you find your style and understand how to embereace your naturla beauty. If you love it,wear it !

Face Shape 

The first “lesson” is how to determinate your face shape. I think this is important because you need to know on what you put make-up..your face is your canvas so you need to understand it.

Here are the 6 main face shapes

1.Diamond shape


2.Heart Shape


3.Rectangular shape


4.Oval Shape


5.Round Shape


6.Square Shape


Pam pam ! Now that you know your face shape,let me know if this post helped you ! See you next time with a fashion post 💕


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