When you say summer you say seaside,and when you say seaside you say swimsuits. Yes,you guess it 😂today’s post will be about swimsuits but I want to start by telling you that you look amazing ❤ so don’t be afraid to choose what  swimsuits you love and want to wear just because you don’t look like all the models in the magazines. You are beautiful,believe me !

Now into the subject…I spent a few hours on my laptop searching for the best swimsuits for you and there are a loooot of options so I decided to devide them in three sections: Mix&Match,Pattern Vibes and Bodysuits. Let’s start !

1.Mix&Match-I like this section the most because all you have to do is buying some simple swimsuits and then mix the pices,I personaly love the Cos ones.

The swimsuits are from: Cos,H&M,Net a Porter and Diane von Frustenberg

2.Patern Vibes-in this section all you have to do is just to choose the most crazy pattern on the market.

The swimsuits are from:Tezeenis,Net a Porter

3.Bodysuit-this type of swimsuit made a comeback this years and I love the minimalist design they have.. so choose your favourite colour and wear it with confidence.

The swimsuits are from:H&M,Adidas,Net a Porter and Infsd Swimwear


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