Summer Kit

I really enjoy to plan this posts for you. It also helps me to have a list with all the things I need this summer.Now,let’s take a look at the kit !



1. Haircare (Ouai-Hair&Body oil)-with all of the sand,sun and hard water your hair will be damaged so you need to use some oil

2.Face care ( La mer face oil and Clinique make-up remover)- the sun won’t damage just your hair…your face will also be atacked by the UV rays so a very moisturizing oil would be a great idea. At the end of the day,don’t forget to take all the dirt off using a good cleanser.

3. Body care (Coola SPF Cream,Herbivore Scrub,Philosophy Shower Gel and Marc Jacobs Daisy) you know…in summer I love that feeling of freshness so I choose the most tropical shower gel,a soft scrub and floral fragfrance is all I need to feel good all day ! Oh wait…I forgot about the sunscreen.

4.Make-up (Too Faced Mascara,Becca Highloghter and Hoola Bronzer) when it comes to make-up,all you need is a good bronzer,some mascara and a touch of shimmer and you’re done.


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