What to pack for…?

…a trip to Italy ? Yass guys,the travel section is back and I’m so happy about this ! ❤ To be honest with you,Italy si by far one of my most favourites countries and writing this post has been such a pleasure to me (and I also go to Florence this year so). Now,let’s see what to put in your bag ☇

Color is the most important atribute to your clothes when you go to Italy…choose brands like D&G or Gucci because the prints and patterns of their clothes really reflect the italian culture…don’t forget,comfort is also an important atribute !

Net-a-Porter White Top,Zara Dress,H&M dress,Dolce&Gabbana Dress,Valentino Shorts,Chloe top

Accesories are also an important part of your outfit. They can bring personality to your travel look so pack a good pair of sunglasses and a very useful but looking good backpack.

D&G Passport holder,Chloe Backpack,Zara Jeans,H&M Dress,Acne Studioa Sunglasses,Gucci Headband,Net-a-Porter Swimsuit

You’re gonna walk all day so make sure you bring your comfiest pair of shoes.

Slip Silk Mask,Net-a-Porter Headphones,Ginavitto Rossi Shoes,Diane von Frustenberg Swimsuit


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