Fab Guide 3

Hey guys ! I’m back with a new post from The Fab Guide and today we are talking about dressing for your body shape. I also made a video about this,so if you want,go and watch it

If you are the lucky possesor of the hourglass shape all you have to keep in mind when you choose your chlotes is to embarece your natural curves.

Wear-Bodycon dresses,flaterring tops,conic skirts,skinny jeans,belts

Stay away from-Boyish clothes,low waist pants

Net-a-Porter top and skirt,Moschino belt,H&M pants and dress

The “rule” you want to follow when you are a pear shape is balance.Balance is the key…as a pear you have large hips so in order to maintain a balance you need to add volume to you upper half.

Wear-Tops with ruffles,flowly skirts,belts to accentuate your waist

Stay away from-Skinny jeans,A skirts

Skirts from Net-a-Porter,Zara blue top,H&M top

Again,with the apple shape,we talk about balance. You have a lovely bust so highlight it ! 

Wear-Classic dresses,tops with generous cleavege,straight pants

Stay away from-Bodycon dresses,belts,skinny jeans

Tops from Zara,Dolce & Gabbana dress,H&M blue dress,Zara pants

If you have this sportive body type choose feminine materials and don’t be afraid to show your tonned body.

Wear-Feminine dresses,off the shoulder tops,skinny jeans

Stay away from-unflatering clothes

Net-a-Porter dress and jeans,H&M top,Zara dress
Hope this post was usefull and see you next time ❤


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