Fabulizer Travel Journal-Navodari

In luna iulie merg mereu in “Sfanta Vacanta la Navodari” cu clubul de scrima,iar anul asta nu face o exceptie. Nu cred ca e nevoie sa va mai spun cat de mult iubesc acest loc..e ca un fel de a doua casa..defapt,e o casa de vacanta.

Ehh,spuneti voi ca nu v-am convins sa dati o fuga pana la mare cu pozele astea !

Deasemenea,am avut si deosebita onoare de a imi petrece ziua acolo,ceea ce a fost GENIAL. La 12 noaptea faceam baie in mare si toata lumea imi ura la multi ani. Dragut,nu ?

Ca sa facem un rezumat…a fost minunat,la fel ca in fiecare an. Daca aveti nevoie de vreun sfat de calatorie,va stau la dispozitie !

Wedding Day

Hey guys ! I know it’s a little bit late but I couldn’t let you without some inspiration for the wedding season. I made up three looks with articles from Zuhair Murad to H&M…just in case you don’t want to spend that much money.

Here I created a very girly and polished look with tones of pink and gold the goes pretty well with an outside wedding.

Zara Dress,Zara heels,Comme de Garcons clutch,Net-a-Porter choker

I love this look so so much ! I took a simple jumsuit from H&M and transformed it into a weeding outfit just with the right accesories.

H&M jumsuit and earrings,Vestementsร—Manolo Blanic shoes,Zara clutch

I couldn’t stop falling in love with this classic dress…but I tried to accesorize it with some unusual shoes.

Zuhair Murad dress,H&M shoes,Zara earring

Fab Guide 3

Hey guys ! I’m back with a new post from The Fab Guide and today we are talking about dressing for your body shape. I also made a video about this,so if you want,go and watch it

If you are the lucky possesor of the hourglass shape all you have to keep in mind when you choose your chlotes is to embarece your natural curves.

Wear-Bodycon dresses,flaterring tops,conic skirts,skinny jeans,belts

Stay away from-Boyish clothes,low waist pants

Net-a-Porter top and skirt,Moschino belt,H&M pants and dress

The “rule” you want to follow when you are a pear shape is balance.Balance is the key…as a pear you have large hips so in order to maintain a balance you need to add volume to you upper half.

Wear-Tops with ruffles,flowly skirts,belts to accentuate your waist

Stay away from-Skinny jeans,A skirts

Skirts from Net-a-Porter,Zara blue top,H&M top

Again,with the apple shape,we talk about balance. You have a lovely bust so highlight it ! 

Wear-Classic dresses,tops with generous cleavege,straight pants

Stay away from-Bodycon dresses,belts,skinny jeans

Tops from Zara,Dolce & Gabbana dress,H&M blue dress,Zara pants

If you have this sportive body type choose feminine materials and don’t be afraid to show your tonned body.

Wear-Feminine dresses,off the shoulder tops,skinny jeans

Stay away from-unflatering clothes

Net-a-Porter dress and jeans,H&M top,Zara dress
Hope this post was usefull and see you next time โค

Fabulizer Travel Journal-Busteniย 

Hello guys ! I’m back from two amazing weeks of vacantion…but i’m kinda chill because in just 2 weeks i am living again. My first stop this summer was in Busteni,a clean and peacefull city near the Carpatian Mountains. 

First we visited the Peles Castel…i just…I don’t have enought words to describe this arhitectural wonder.

Another place that you totally want to see is Urlatoarea Falls…the road to it wasn’t so hard and you have enought time to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Ahhhhh…I think that this was my favourite part of the trip because at the Cantacuzino Castel I had the opportunity to see drawings by Picasso,Chagall and Matisse !

Here are some random snaps ๐Ÿ˜‚

And we ended our week with a quik trip to Poiana Izvoarelor.

P.S. Chek the vlog on my YouTube channel for more images from my trip โค

Haute Couture 2017

I loooovvveeee Haute Couture from the bottom of my heart. All the detalies,the dresses…the…ohhh…just take a look at this photos and I’m sure it will be enought to fall in love.

The Dior Show was by far my favourite,followed by Valentino and Giambattista Valli. What is your top 3 ?


A few days ago I realised that I haven’t done a festival lookbook,guide,post or whatever this season. I can’t belive this,in general I really enjoy doing this type of posts but here in Romania the festivals’ season starts later..like,the first important festival was this weekend..so I think that this different timing has stopped me. Anyway,today I maneged to select my favourite pieces for a festival. Color and good materials are my main concerns when I make up an outfit for a festival. You stay there for a whole day…soo you need to be comfy.

Asos Bandana,Benefit Eyeshadow pallete,Net a Porter shorts,jacket,blouse and swimsuit,Asos Bracelets,H&M buterfly top

New Era Cap,Gucci Jacket,Net a Porter jumsuits,H&M bracelets,Asos sunglasses and shoes,Coola Sunscreen

H&M bag and hat,Net a Porter dress,sandals,top,bra and jeans,Givency boots,Fresh moisturiser