What to pack for…?

…a trip to Italy ? Yass guys,the travel section is back and I’m so happy about this ! ❀ To be honest with you,Italy si by far one of my most favourites countries and writing this post has been such a pleasure to me (and I also go to Florence this year so). Now,let’s see what to put in your bag β˜‡

Color is the most important atribute to your clothes when you go to Italy…choose brands like D&G or Gucci because the prints and patterns of their clothes really reflect the italian culture…don’t forget,comfort is also an important atribute !

Net-a-Porter White Top,Zara Dress,H&M dress,Dolce&Gabbana Dress,Valentino Shorts,Chloe top

Accesories are also an important part of your outfit. They can bring personality to your travel look so pack a good pair of sunglasses and a very useful but looking good backpack.

D&G Passport holder,Chloe Backpack,Zara Jeans,H&M Dress,Acne Studioa Sunglasses,Gucci Headband,Net-a-Porter Swimsuit

You’re gonna walk all day so make sure you bring your comfiest pair of shoes.

Slip Silk Mask,Net-a-Porter Headphones,Ginavitto Rossi Shoes,Diane von Frustenberg Swimsuit

Fabulizer goes to Predeal

I can’t belive the summer is over…but I still want to share with you some photos from my trip to Predeal !

In the first day we went to the “Trei Brazi Resort” were we went snowtubing without snow.

The next day we took a trip to DinoPark Rasnov. A place were we laught a lot. Just imagine a land full of dinosaurus and 3 crazy girls πŸ˜‚.

But the most fun part from our vacantion was the time we spent at the AdventurePark Brasov. We made bungee jumping and we were climbing trough the deep forest.

Unfortunatley I don’t have any photo with me on the routes  but you should visit this park,is amazing,belive me !

And this was our view ! β›…

Hope you enjoyed this post and I totaly recomand you to visit Predeal ! 

What to pack…?

If you’re going to seaside. I just came back from Navodari and I wanted to show you what I always pack for a 7 days trip to seaside.

First thing,you need to make sure you choose a perfect bag for your destination. I like the Samsonite bags,and this one with flowers on it is perfect for any trip to seaside.

Next thing I do after chooseing my bag is cheking the weather and writing a list with the things I should pack.

Pack 7 to 10 tops,you will have a t-short for each day and other 3 tops for any emergency.

When it comes to pants,I take with me about 3-4 pairs of shorts,1-2 pairs of long jeans and I also pack about 2 skirts.

I quite like to pack as many dresses and jumpsuits as I can becaise they’re very easy to wear from beach to fancy restaurant.

And this is it with the things that are ocuppeing  a lot of space in your baggage. Now ist’s time for the beauty bag and shoes.

The word that describes my shoes when I’m in vacantion is ‘comfy’. I always  don’t pack any heels or some fancy shoes that will probably be distroied.

I keep it simple with makeup and pack just my foundation,a bronzer and a SPF cream.

And I was about to forget the most important thing in your bag,the swimsuit.

Fabulizer goes to Navodari

Hello,girls ! My Travel Journal continues with another amazing trip to Navodari, a quite city on the coast of the Black Sea.

In each morning I woke up at 6 am and had a hard training on the beach with my friends. We were the only ones on the beach so we could enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the sun that rised from the sea.

After the training and breakfast we have some spare time and we spent it at the beach. The water was warm and perfect for a good splash. We were having FUN !

We played games,we danced on the beach,we laid in the sun,we jumped,we played volley  and it was awsome.

At night we discovered different restaurants and we went to a fun parck in Constanta. If we didn’t have time for something special we just stayed at our hotel and look at the moon.

In conclusion, I recomand you to discover this amazing city and hope you enjoyed this experience as much as I did !

Till next time,don’t forget to travel safe !

How to pack for…?

…Argentina ! Is one of my favourites countries and I’m so excited to share this packing tips with you guys.

Pack 6-7 tops with different patterns,colours and shapes. Make sure that the tops are made from a good material so you won’t sweat or feel unconfortable.





Top-Mattheu Williamson


Keep it simple with the pants and choose some pretty denim ones. Don’t forget to pack your floty skirt !




Shorts-  Net-a-porter

I always take with me a long,long dress and a robe,perfect for the beach. As shoes I selected 2 simple pairs that will fit any outfit.





Dress-Anna Sui

And now least but not last,the accesories. The perfect final touch for every outfit,macke sure you pack colorful jewlery,you can even buy some from the local stores.




A corner of the world

The Travel section is back and you will see some updates in a few days. For now I made up some casual looks for a trip in 3 differentΒ  parts of the world.


Hawaii-I chose a casual dress and a big hat for a day at the beach but I updated the look with a shiny pair of sandals,and it looks fancy.

Marc Jacobs
Eugenia Kim
Soleil du Midi


Greece- the one thing you will realy need when you travel to Greece is your swimsuit. Here I used the swimsuit as a top for being a lot more easier to go from the beach to a restaurant.

Diane Vom Frustenberg
Melissa Jay
Alexander McQueen


Japan-and the last outfit for a trip in an urban jungle like Tokyo.

Anna Sui
Frame Jeans
Stuart Weitzman
Net-a-porter Travel Kit