What to wear ?

I think that this are my favourite tipe of posts to make,I’m not preety sure why but I think is kinda cool to be able to recrate this looks. So..hope you find some inspo for your future spring outfits.

H&Mskirt,Zara t-shirt,Net-a-porter jacket,Converse shoes,YSL lipstik

Net-a-porter suit,Gucci loafers,H&M sunglasses

H&M skirt,Nike top and shoes



In Bucharest is raining right now and I’m here in the bus,looking at this full of sun photos form Satu-Mare. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me so we don’t have a travel journal but I maneged to take this photos with my Iphone.

About the journey,it was amazing as always 😂 We didn’t have time for shopping or visiting but the experiences we had at the competition were 💯 This year we were really lucky and the Japan Team came..those girls are amazing and I truly apreciate how much work and effort they put in everything. Sometimes I just stay in bed and think..OMG,what I’ve done to deserve this ? To have the opportunity to meet such amazing people and to see this places.

Fabulizer Travel Journal-Slovakia

It is time for stories,now…my travel journal to Slovakia. I know…maybe it doesn’t sounds very appeling but belive me,it’s an amazing country. First,it’s very clean and I would describe as a mix of modern and old in a very beautiful way,like when the farm meets the city and they make a gourgeous kid,if that makes sense. I stayed in a city near Bratislava so I visited the city almost every day. Again,you can see the mixture of the new,modern,gigant buildings but also admire the old buildings in the historical center.

Now I want to tell you what happens in a normal fencing competition day. We wake up at 7 am and I always take a quik shower. We take our equipament down stairs (i say this because we are at hotel..in oder country) and eat something. I like to have a yogurt or cereals,something very simple.

Usual,the competition starts at 9 am so at 8 am we are in the fencing hall and we start the warm-up. And the emotions start…and it’s like you are in a ballon…you are concentrate and you have a very strong desire to..have a good day,to have a good mood,to finish the competition as well as you can.

And if everything it’s ok,than…HAPPINES !

Winter beauty

A little bit late…but this post is very welcome at any time. Today I show you my go-to look this winter.5wmgzkruer

Key words-radiant skin,smoth eyeliner,natural lipsthe-porefessional-matte-rescuegel-matifiant-format-voyage_5369_1_1483448490


First thing first,apply a base for make-up.My fav is this one from Benefit.


Use this 2 in 1 iluminator and conceler to add light and freshness to your skin.


For the eyes,put the lightes colour from this palet all over your lid. Clarins eyeshadow.dessin-du-regard-waterproof_2284_1_1440941808


The most important part ! Draw your wing with a brown pencil and then smooth it up with a brush. YSL eyeliner.



The most exciting things after Christmas are the SALES ⚠ one of the few things that motivates me to get throw this period.

The hard part-go to store…and..chaos…I like that,and this and I want to buy those. You buy them,you are happy,but then you wear then once. ..and that’s not ok.I know is hard,but you need to focus on the things you need or the things you relly liked but were too expensive.

Roksanda Top, Joseph Turtleneck,Alexander McQueen Coat,Valentino Dress,Stella McCartney Pants,Victoria Beckam Bag,shoes and errings from Net-a-porter

What to wear ?

CHRISTMAS EDITION 💫 I really love this looks..serious,they have so much personality and they’re perfect for a festive dinner or for a long day at your parents.

Be bold and fancy…try this for your Christmas dinner with him,when you get home..be careful with that shoes !

TopShop skirt,Rosantica jewlery,Chloe coat,SJP pumps,YSL top

On this look,I played with textures and colours. I chose the mettalic grey skirt foar a pop of colour and texture to that suede blue-gray jaket. Just imagine this look with a Slayer t-shirt.

Chloe Jacket,Gianvito Rossi boots,Net-a-porter skirt,H&M top

And last but not least,this comfortable and colorful outfit.It is very easy..you just have to play with colours,and in the end don’t forget the sneakers !

Gucci bag,Adidas sneakers,Stella McCartney top and pants

Happy holidays !