Fabulizer Travel Journal-Sibiu

RO-Sambata dimineata ne urcam in masina si dupa ce ne invartim cam o ora pentru a gasi o farmacie (e imposibil sa nu racesc vara,in timpul sau inainte de o calatorie) plecam spre prima destinatie: Sibiu. Mai fusesem acolo cam acum 5 ani..dar tot ce imi puteam aduce aminte era ca o supraveghetoare de la […]

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What to wear ?

I think that this are my favourite tipe of posts to make,I’m not preety sure why but I think is kinda cool to be able to recrate this looks. So..hope you find some inspo for your future spring outfits. H&Mskirt,Zara t-shirt,Net-a-porter jacket,Converse shoes,YSL lipstik Net-a-porter suit,Gucci loafers,H&M sunglasses H&M skirt,Nike top and shoes

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In Bucharest is raining right now and I’m here in the bus,looking at this full of sun photos form Satu-Mare. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me so we don’t have a travel journal but I maneged to take this photos with my Iphone. About the journey,it was amazing as always 😂 We […]

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Fabulizer Travel Journal-Slovakia

It is time for stories,now…my travel journal to Slovakia. I know…maybe it doesn’t sounds very appeling but belive me,it’s an amazing country. First,it’s very clean and I would describe as a mix of modern and old in a very beautiful way,like when the farm meets the city and they make a gourgeous kid,if that makes […]

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Winter beauty

A little bit late…but this post is very welcome at any time. Today I show you my go-to look this winter. Key words-radiant skin,smoth eyeliner,natural lips   First thing first,apply a base for make-up.My fav is this one from Benefit. Use this 2 in 1 iluminator and conceler to add light and freshness to your […]

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The most exciting things after Christmas are the SALES ⚠ one of the few things that motivates me to get throw this period. The hard part-go to store…and..chaos…I like that,and this and I want to buy those. You buy them,you are happy,but then you wear then once. ..and that’s not ok.I know is hard,but you […]

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What to wear ?

CHRISTMAS EDITION 💫 I really love this looks..serious,they have so much personality and they’re perfect for a festive dinner or for a long day at your parents. Be bold and fancy…try this for your Christmas dinner with him,when you get home..be careful with that shoes ! TopShop skirt,Rosantica jewlery,Chloe coat,SJP pumps,YSL top On this look,I […]

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