Summer kit

I don’t know if you like this posts as much as I do..but I’ll keep making them because I love the name. And I always come with new products so I hope everyone is pleased.

From right to left we have:


2. Fresh deep hydration facial toner-I love this product in the summer time because a)it smells like roses b)it’s very refreshing

3.Glow recipe pink juice moisturizer– I’m sure you heared about the mask but I love the moistureizer as well,it’s super easy and smells lovely

4. Drunk elephant face SPF-yes,you need to carefuly protect your skin from this crazy UV rays


Spring/Summer Beauty

I am now in a moment in my beauty life (haha) where I really want to get out of my confort zone and I’m constantly looking for inspiration. My favourite source of inspo is runways and today I want to share with you the last trends that I’m totally in love with.

I was waitting for the glitter comeback for my whole life and now I want to use it all over my body.

Glitter eyeshadow from Clinique

I think this should be always a trend. Try to take care of your skin and take it to best place you can.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude foundation

This is like an excuse for when you have a bad eyeliner day,but I love the edgy look quite much.

Sephora collection eye pen

If you are brave enough,leave the house with this make up.

Kat Von D Tatoo liner

I think this one is my fav ! I’m so over the perfect matte lip.

Dior Lip Glow

No more conturing,yesss ! Look how beautiful this model looks.

Too Faced blush

Again,if you are brave enough..

Clinique eyeshadow

New Hair 

Hello guys ! If you follow me on Instagram you problaby noticed that I cuted my hair…like…short. And from then I keep hearing “Wow,you are so brave !” and this is giving me confidence but I don’t think that cuting my hair is an act of fact,why do we value so much such a thing like hair ? You cut it,but it grows’s not a permanent choice. And because I think like that,my new chop wasn’t a hard decision for me…one night I was like “I’m so used to this hair. I want something fresh and new. I want to prove myself that I can feel and look beautiful with short hair” and the next morning I was sitting in the salon with my hair choped. As simple as that !

But a new haircut means new posibiltes of styling my hair.

After my last visit to the salon I have a whole new hair routine and I wanted to share it with you.

First I wash my hair with this Syos shampoo that makes my hair denser and ads more volume. I love this formula amd I saw results after just 2 washes.

Sometimes,after washing my hair I will put this moisturizing and regenerating mask on because I want my hair to ne healthy.

At the end I spray in hair this treasure from Nivea. I love this spray soo much ! It ads glow,density,volume…it makes my hair so silky…I just love it !

Summer Kit

I really enjoy to plan this posts for you. It also helps me to have a list with all the things I need this summer.Now,let’s take a look at the kit !



1. Haircare (Ouai-Hair&Body oil)-with all of the sand,sun and hard water your hair will be damaged so you need to use some oil

2.Face care ( La mer face oil and Clinique make-up remover)- the sun won’t damage just your hair…your face will also be atacked by the UV rays so a very moisturizing oil would be a great idea. At the end of the day,don’t forget to take all the dirt off using a good cleanser.

3. Body care (Coola SPF Cream,Herbivore Scrub,Philosophy Shower Gel and Marc Jacobs Daisy) you know…in summer I love that feeling of freshness so I choose the most tropical shower gel,a soft scrub and floral fragfrance is all I need to feel good all day ! Oh wait…I forgot about the sunscreen.

4.Make-up (Too Faced Mascara,Becca Highloghter and Hoola Bronzer) when it comes to make-up,all you need is a good bronzer,some mascara and a touch of shimmer and you’re done.

Fab Guide 1

Hey guys ! As I told you on my Instagram,this summer I have a lot of exciting things for you ! The first new project is Fab Guide. It is basicaly a beauty and style guide where I share my secrets and tips that I learned at the fine arts school. But the main reson that I  do this is not telling you do that,don’t do that…it’s about helping you find your style and understand how to embereace your naturla beauty. If you love it,wear it !

Face Shape 

The first “lesson” is how to determinate your face shape. I think this is important because you need to know on what you put make-up..your face is your canvas so you need to understand it.

Here are the 6 main face shapes

1.Diamond shape


2.Heart Shape


3.Rectangular shape


4.Oval Shape


5.Round Shape


6.Square Shape


Pam pam ! Now that you know your face shape,let me know if this post helped you ! See you next time with a fashion post 💕

New Look


Ro-Imi place la nebunie look-ul acesta. Mi se pare ca e perfect pentru primavara,usor de obtinut si intruneste toate cerintele acestui sezon:ten fara cusur si tonuri calde pe pleoape si obraji.

Eng-I’m in love with this look. I think os perfect for spring,easy to achive and it has all this season’s trends.

Eng-The most important part is your skin preparation so you got to pass a few stages.Begin with a very good primer (Urban Decay Ilussion Primer) and the apply a rezistant foundation with an easy formula (Clinique Foundation).After foundation cover any imperfection with a concealer (Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer). The final step is to use some highlighter (Urban Decay Highlighter).

Ro-Cea mai importanta parte este pregatirea tenului. Incepe cu un primer bun (Urban Decay Ilussion primer) si apoi aplica un fond de ten rezistent dar cu o formula usoara (Clinique liquid foundation).Dupa fondul de ten acopera orice imperfectiune cu un anticearcan (Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer). Ultima parte e aplicarea unui iluminator (Urban Decay Highlighter).

Eng-For eyes and lips you just have to play with this dusty rose tones,nothing complicated.

Givency lipbalm,Make up forever eyeshadow,Lamcome Cushion Compact blush

Ro-La buze si ochi te poti juca cu nuante de roz deschis,nimic complicat.


Winter beauty

A little bit late…but this post is very welcome at any time. Today I show you my go-to look this winter.5wmgzkruer

Key words-radiant skin,smoth eyeliner,natural lipsthe-porefessional-matte-rescuegel-matifiant-format-voyage_5369_1_1483448490


First thing first,apply a base for make-up.My fav is this one from Benefit.


Use this 2 in 1 iluminator and conceler to add light and freshness to your skin.


For the eyes,put the lightes colour from this palet all over your lid. Clarins eyeshadow.dessin-du-regard-waterproof_2284_1_1440941808


The most important part ! Draw your wing with a brown pencil and then smooth it up with a brush. YSL eyeliner.