New Hair 

Hello guys ! If you follow me on Instagram you problaby noticed that I cuted my hair…like…short. And from then I keep hearing “Wow,you are so brave !” and this is giving me confidence but I don’t think that cuting my hair is an act of fact,why do we value so much such a thing like hair ? You cut it,but it grows’s not a permanent choice. And because I think like that,my new chop wasn’t a hard decision for me…one night I was like “I’m so used to this hair. I want something fresh and new. I want to prove myself that I can feel and look beautiful with short hair” and the next morning I was sitting in the salon with my hair choped. As simple as that !

But a new haircut means new posibiltes of styling my hair.

After my last visit to the salon I have a whole new hair routine and I wanted to share it with you.

First I wash my hair with this Syos shampoo that makes my hair denser and ads more volume. I love this formula amd I saw results after just 2 washes.

Sometimes,after washing my hair I will put this moisturizing and regenerating mask on because I want my hair to ne healthy.

At the end I spray in hair this treasure from Nivea. I love this spray soo much ! It ads glow,density,volume…it makes my hair so silky…I just love it !


Summer Kit

I really enjoy to plan this posts for you. It also helps me to have a list with all the things I need this summer.Now,let’s take a look at the kit !



1. Haircare (Ouai-Hair&Body oil)-with all of the sand,sun and hard water your hair will be damaged so you need to use some oil

2.Face care ( La mer face oil and Clinique make-up remover)- the sun won’t damage just your hair…your face will also be atacked by the UV rays so a very moisturizing oil would be a great idea. At the end of the day,don’t forget to take all the dirt off using a good cleanser.

3. Body care (Coola SPF Cream,Herbivore Scrub,Philosophy Shower Gel and Marc Jacobs Daisy) you know…in summer I love that feeling of freshness so I choose the most tropical shower gel,a soft scrub and floral fragfrance is all I need to feel good all day ! Oh wait…I forgot about the sunscreen.

4.Make-up (Too Faced Mascara,Becca Highloghter and Hoola Bronzer) when it comes to make-up,all you need is a good bronzer,some mascara and a touch of shimmer and you’re done.

Fab Guide 1

Hey guys ! As I told you on my Instagram,this summer I have a lot of exciting things for you ! The first new project is Fab Guide. It is basicaly a beauty and style guide where I share my secrets and tips that I learned at the fine arts school. But the main reson that I  do this is not telling you do that,don’t do that…it’s about helping you find your style and understand how to embereace your naturla beauty. If you love it,wear it !

Face Shape 

The first “lesson” is how to determinate your face shape. I think this is important because you need to know on what you put make-up..your face is your canvas so you need to understand it.

Here are the 6 main face shapes

1.Diamond shape


2.Heart Shape


3.Rectangular shape


4.Oval Shape


5.Round Shape


6.Square Shape


Pam pam ! Now that you know your face shape,let me know if this post helped you ! See you next time with a fashion post 💕

New Look


Ro-Imi place la nebunie look-ul acesta. Mi se pare ca e perfect pentru primavara,usor de obtinut si intruneste toate cerintele acestui sezon:ten fara cusur si tonuri calde pe pleoape si obraji.

Eng-I’m in love with this look. I think os perfect for spring,easy to achive and it has all this season’s trends.

Eng-The most important part is your skin preparation so you got to pass a few stages.Begin with a very good primer (Urban Decay Ilussion Primer) and the apply a rezistant foundation with an easy formula (Clinique Foundation).After foundation cover any imperfection with a concealer (Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer). The final step is to use some highlighter (Urban Decay Highlighter).

Ro-Cea mai importanta parte este pregatirea tenului. Incepe cu un primer bun (Urban Decay Ilussion primer) si apoi aplica un fond de ten rezistent dar cu o formula usoara (Clinique liquid foundation).Dupa fondul de ten acopera orice imperfectiune cu un anticearcan (Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer). Ultima parte e aplicarea unui iluminator (Urban Decay Highlighter).

Eng-For eyes and lips you just have to play with this dusty rose tones,nothing complicated.

Givency lipbalm,Make up forever eyeshadow,Lamcome Cushion Compact blush

Ro-La buze si ochi te poti juca cu nuante de roz deschis,nimic complicat.


Winter beauty

A little bit late…but this post is very welcome at any time. Today I show you my go-to look this winter.5wmgzkruer

Key words-radiant skin,smoth eyeliner,natural lipsthe-porefessional-matte-rescuegel-matifiant-format-voyage_5369_1_1483448490


First thing first,apply a base for make-up.My fav is this one from Benefit.


Use this 2 in 1 iluminator and conceler to add light and freshness to your skin.


For the eyes,put the lightes colour from this palet all over your lid. Clarins eyeshadow.dessin-du-regard-waterproof_2284_1_1440941808


The most important part ! Draw your wing with a brown pencil and then smooth it up with a brush. YSL eyeliner.


Fall Makeup

Hello girls ! Yesterday I showed you my favourite fashion trends for fall and now I want to show you the beauty trends I like 😊

Ok,it’s no longer a mistery that the big,bold Kylie Jenner lips are a quite big trend. This summer wear your lipstik in dark colours.

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstik, Sephora Lip Stain

I allready imagine this glittery look on Christmas or New Year parties. Love it 💛

Make up forever Glitter,Urban Decay Glitter eyeliner

The black liner never dies but this fall trt new shapes and forms,BREAK THE RULES !

Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Gel,Kate von D Eyeliner

A white eyeliner will make your eyes bigger and it’s looking so icey and cool.

Stila Eyeliner,Nars Eyeliner

It don’t have to be summer to wear highlight 🌞

Laura Mercier Highlighter

And least but not last,the 80’s inspired eye look. Let’s dance !

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Pallete,Kate von D eyeshadow

No Hair

One of my biggest summer problem is the waxing. I always can’t decide if I should use wax,a razor or a cream but this summer I discovered this Roll On Depilatory Wax from Karaver that saved my life. Is very easy to use and it’s water removable so you don’t remain stiky after the hair is gone.

  1. A night before waxing,make sure you exfolite your legs.
  2. Put the wax container in hot water and let it there till you see that the wax is liquid.
  3. Apply a double layer of wax in the direction of hair growth.

4. Put a NonOven Karaver strip on the applied wax layer and press for proper sticking.

5. Holding the skin tense,pull off the strip suddenly parallel to the skin.

6.Rinse off any residual wax with water.

Hope this post will help you !