Garden Party

Around me there are a lot of garden parties and I felt the need to show you my take on this kind of outfits.

I chose a simple,flowy,white dress and a pair of comfortable platform sandals. I think that a breatheble dress in light colors is a must this summer…and every summer. You can wear it from 8 am to 10 pm with the right accesories. As for shoes,you should keep in mind that at a garden party there will be grass and mud,so a pair of high heels isn’t the best option.

What I wore- Pull&Bear dress,CCC snadals


What to wear ?

I think that this are my favourite tipe of posts to make,I’m not preety sure why but I think is kinda cool to be able to recrate this looks. So..hope you find some inspo for your future spring outfits.

H&Mskirt,Zara t-shirt,Net-a-porter jacket,Converse shoes,YSL lipstik

Net-a-porter suit,Gucci loafers,H&M sunglasses

H&M skirt,Nike top and shoes

A call for spring

Because I have nothing to say about these photos and because I want my blog to be more intersting,more me,today I want to reccomand you a film. Shape of water. And not because it won the Oscar,because is a very moving film. It makes you think about the society where we live and the fact that sometimes a “monster” is more human than us. Give it a try and tell me your toughts in the comments.

What I wore- Lotto puffer jaket,Stradisvarius pullover,Koton skirt,Emu boots

New Looks

New Year=new struggles to find a cool outfit. You’re luky that I really enjoy making up this looks. Inspo for you,inspo for me,inspo for all. I choose pieces from H&M to Marc Jacobs so you have a large spectrum from where to choose.

 Zara co-ord set,H&M shoes,Net-a-porter earrings,Valentino headband,Fenty beauty lipstick


H&M dress,Jimmy Choo pumps,Marc Jacobs Bag,Zara earrings

Ashish dress,Zara boots and leather jaket,Urban Decay Moondust pallete,H&M earrings 


Uhh…I need a break…this fall has been so busy and it’s not ready yet ! I’m so sorry because I post less but I better don’t post anything than something I didn’t put soul into.

About the outfit,I present to you my take on office style. Office pants and Vans is all youuu need.

Tops from H&M,pants from Berska,shoes from Vans 

From summer to fall

For me,this seasonal change is the hardest because I simply can’t accept that summer is over. I still want to wear my cute dresses,my short shorts so through the years I learned how to transition my wardrobe from summer to fall without having to throw away my summery clothes.

Here is a look I would wear on a hot summer night out with my boyfriend or with my girls.

Asos sandals (similiar here),Gucci Bag,AUrate earrings and bracelet,Asos dress (similiar here)

And here is a fallish look based on the same dress and accesorized with the same jewelry but this time,perfect for an autumn day.

Net-a-Porter knit,Zara boots,AUrate earrings and bracelet,Asos dress (similiar here)

So,is pretty easy to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall,you just need to pick some basic and timeless pieces that you can wear in every season. I think that jewelry would be a very good investment. My choice and recomandation is AUrate New York,a company that offers contemporary yet timeless real gold jewelry handmade in New York and what I truly love about them is the fact that they want to help others. Right now they give back to economically disavantaged school children with each purchase of their jewelery. Amazing,no ?