How to be more organised

My life is very busy right now and I’m constantly looking for trips and triks to be more productive. As I got deeper in the “organisation problem” I quite became a master and I want to share with you what I’ve learned so far. Here is a simple plan I try to follow every day.


Wake up earlier (and go to bed earlier)- it’s very simple,if you wake up earlier you have more time,and don’t forget to always make up your bed.

Take a shower,clean your mind and start a fresh new day .

Eat well in order to have enough energy for the rest of the day.

Work time

Write a to do list-is important to visualise your tasks and to make sure you don’t forget one of them. You can use a bullet journal,a planner or an app (my fave is Evernote) to write everything down.

Tasks-when it comes to your tasks,focus on one task at a time and save the best for last and first.At the end,reward yourself !

Switch off your phone-you don’t need distractions

Take productive breaks and set limits,you don’t want to be an work maniac.


Take a shower,wash your face,apply a mask,use tonner and apply a lip balm and then put on a cute pijama.

Set out a cute outfit for the next day so you will have more time in the morning.

At the end of the day,just relax !


Merry Christmas !

Love,joy,light…Christmas. Everything is beyond words…I hope at least a little ray of happines goes through the ecrans. Merry Christmas everyone !

This summer

Hey hey ! Now it’s time to tell you how amazing my summer was….and I know it’s a cliche but…this was a fucking amazing summer ! Let’s what I cheked from my summer list :

●music festival

●road trip

●go camping

●visit Hungary 

●summer haircut

●the most amazing birthday party ever

●sleep and dream 

●camp fire


●jumping off the rocks

●visit Navodari,Piatra Arsa and Busteni 

This summer

OMG,IT IS SUMMER ! I waited this moment of the year for soooo long and now finally is the time for fun,sun,holiday ! At every start of the summer I make a list with all the things I want to do and try so this year won’t make an exception. Here is my summer 2017 to do list:

●learn to surf

●music festival

●trip to Italy

●go camping

●road trip

●summer haircut

●memorabel birthday party

●sleep and dream

●camp fire

●play the guitar

Happy Mother’s Day !

Haapy Birthday to all the moms out there ❤ Keep spreading love and hope 🌍💙 Because I had no inspiration today..i let you enjoy a selection with photos of the coolest moms I respect and adore .

P.S. Turn on the music and have an amazing day !



RO:Era o zi normala de duminica,ma trezesc si imi verific telefonul ca in fiecare zi…si ce sa vezi..BOOM,statisticile au explodat ! Fabulizer a atins 100 de followeri ! Multumesc din tot sufletul ! Fara voi nu ar fi fost posibil asa ceva ! Sunteti minunati,o motivatie continua pentru a face lucrurile mai bine !

ENG:It was a normal sunday,I was waking up and cheking out my phone as always when…BOOM,the stats exploded,Fabulizer has reached 100 followers ! Thank you so much ! It’s not a big number,but is so important to me ! Thank you,you are amazing !





I was wearing Esmara pijamas

You and the bath

Perfect sunday night=me+a warm bath+a good book+a glass of wine. Sounds good,no ?

In quite simple to have a little spa at your house. Chek this…


Step 1-Never ever take your phone with you ! Serious ! Leave the problems at the door…now you need to relax. Hmm…you could take it with you just to put some good music.

Step 2-Read a book or a something relaxing…


Step 3-Use a face mask. Isn’t it amazing when you get out of the bathroom with a baby skin. Oh yaa,it is.


ShiSheido mask from Douglas

Step 4-Candels and oils that smell beautiful and are helping you to just chill.


Step 5-Qualty products just for you. Your favourite noutrishing body wash,that colorful bath bomb you like…everything just for you.

Bath bombs,scrub and shower gel from Sephora