What to pack for…?

…a trip to Italy ? Yass guys,the travel section is back and I’m so happy about this ! ❤ To be honest with you,Italy si by far one of my most favourites countries and writing this post has been such a pleasure to me (and I also go to Florence this year so). Now,let’s see what to put in your bag ☇

Color is the most important atribute to your clothes when you go to Italy…choose brands like D&G or Gucci because the prints and patterns of their clothes really reflect the italian culture…don’t forget,comfort is also an important atribute !

Net-a-Porter White Top,Zara Dress,H&M dress,Dolce&Gabbana Dress,Valentino Shorts,Chloe top

Accesories are also an important part of your outfit. They can bring personality to your travel look so pack a good pair of sunglasses and a very useful but looking good backpack.

D&G Passport holder,Chloe Backpack,Zara Jeans,H&M Dress,Acne Studioa Sunglasses,Gucci Headband,Net-a-Porter Swimsuit

You’re gonna walk all day so make sure you bring your comfiest pair of shoes.

Slip Silk Mask,Net-a-Porter Headphones,Ginavitto Rossi Shoes,Diane von Frustenberg Swimsuit

Summer Kit

I really enjoy to plan this posts for you. It also helps me to have a list with all the things I need this summer.Now,let’s take a look at the kit !



1. Haircare (Ouai-Hair&Body oil)-with all of the sand,sun and hard water your hair will be damaged so you need to use some oil

2.Face care ( La mer face oil and Clinique make-up remover)- the sun won’t damage just your hair…your face will also be atacked by the UV rays so a very moisturizing oil would be a great idea. At the end of the day,don’t forget to take all the dirt off using a good cleanser.

3. Body care (Coola SPF Cream,Herbivore Scrub,Philosophy Shower Gel and Marc Jacobs Daisy) you know…in summer I love that feeling of freshness so I choose the most tropical shower gel,a soft scrub and floral fragfrance is all I need to feel good all day ! Oh wait…I forgot about the sunscreen.

4.Make-up (Too Faced Mascara,Becca Highloghter and Hoola Bronzer) when it comes to make-up,all you need is a good bronzer,some mascara and a touch of shimmer and you’re done.


When you say summer you say seaside,and when you say seaside you say swimsuits. Yes,you guess it 😂today’s post will be about swimsuits but I want to start by telling you that you look amazing ❤ so don’t be afraid to choose what  swimsuits you love and want to wear just because you don’t look like all the models in the magazines. You are beautiful,believe me !

Now into the subject…I spent a few hours on my laptop searching for the best swimsuits for you and there are a loooot of options so I decided to devide them in three sections: Mix&Match,Pattern Vibes and Bodysuits. Let’s start !

1.Mix&Match-I like this section the most because all you have to do is buying some simple swimsuits and then mix the pices,I personaly love the Cos ones.

The swimsuits are from: Cos,H&M,Net a Porter and Diane von Frustenberg

2.Patern Vibes-in this section all you have to do is just to choose the most crazy pattern on the market.

The swimsuits are from:Tezeenis,Net a Porter

3.Bodysuit-this type of swimsuit made a comeback this years and I love the minimalist design they have.. so choose your favourite colour and wear it with confidence.

The swimsuits are from:H&M,Adidas,Net a Porter and Infsd Swimwear

Fab Guide 1

Hey guys ! As I told you on my Instagram,this summer I have a lot of exciting things for you ! The first new project is Fab Guide. It is basicaly a beauty and style guide where I share my secrets and tips that I learned at the fine arts school. But the main reson that I  do this is not telling you do that,don’t do that…it’s about helping you find your style and understand how to embereace your naturla beauty. If you love it,wear it !

Face Shape 

The first “lesson” is how to determinate your face shape. I think this is important because you need to know on what you put make-up..your face is your canvas so you need to understand it.

Here are the 6 main face shapes

1.Diamond shape


2.Heart Shape


3.Rectangular shape


4.Oval Shape


5.Round Shape


6.Square Shape


Pam pam ! Now that you know your face shape,let me know if this post helped you ! See you next time with a fashion post 💕

This summer

OMG,IT IS SUMMER ! I waited this moment of the year for soooo long and now finally is the time for fun,sun,holiday ! At every start of the summer I make a list with all the things I want to do and try so this year won’t make an exception. Here is my summer 2017 to do list:

●learn to surf

●music festival

●trip to Italy

●go camping

●road trip

●summer haircut

●memorabel birthday party

●sleep and dream

●camp fire

●play the guitar

Cannes 2017

I might told you this before but when it comes to fashion events my two favourites are The MET Gala and Cannes Film Festival. For me Cannes is like the creme-de la-creme of fashion…it’s so glamourous,fancy,beautifull,sophisticated 🌟

Fashion Focus

Who: Dakota Johnson

Why: She is one of my favourite celebrities…in not just her style,i trully love her personality. And about style…graphic tee,jeans,floral dresses…is like I’m describing my style 😂.

Steal her style-H&M sunglasses and graphic t-shirts,Frame jeans,Acne studio jacket,Net-a-Porter floral dress,Rag&Bone t-shirt

And because I loooovvveeee her red carpet looks..i’ll put some here 🌟