Fabulizer Travel Journal-Alba Iulia&Aiud

RO-Nu pot sa incep aceasta postare decat prin a va spune ca am stat intr-un castel,in Aiud,dar pana ajungem acolo trebuie sa va spun ca prima oprire pe care am facut-o duminica a fost la Alba Iulia. Un oras cu o uriasa incarcatura istorica ce se ridica la nivelul asteptarilor (cel putin ale mele). Curat,aranjat,acest orasel mi-a lasat un gust placut si sunt sigura ca este complet pregatit cu a sarbatorii un secol de Romania !

EN-I can’t start this post without telling you that I staied in castel,in Aiud,but until we get there I need to tell you that on Saturday we first stopped in Alba Iulia.A city with a huge historical legacy wich stands up to the expectations (at least my expectations).Clean and well-arranged, I really loved this town !

RO-Dupa vizita la Alba Iulia am luat-o cu masina pana in Aiud si de acolo am intrat pe un drum superb de munte care ne-a dus pana la destinatie,Castelul Templierilor. A fost o experienta extraordinara…7 zile intr-un castel,inconjurati de munti si cu o tona de locuri care sa ne inspire in procesul de creatie. Daca ajungeti prin zona trebuie neaparat sa va opriti si acolo,macar pentru o noapte,sa simtiti cum e sa traiti intr-un castel vechi din Evul Mediu !

EN-After we visited Alba Iulia we started our journey through an amazing mountai roud that led us to the final destination,the Templer’s Castel.It was an amazing experience..7 days in a castel,surronded by mountains and a lot of inspiring things for our art (I went on an art camp). If ever cross the zone you must stay at the castel one night at least,to feel what is like to live in the Middle Ages !


Fashion Focus

Who: Kate Middleton

Why: Elegance,style,grace and good manners,the perfect mix for a duchess. I think her style doesn’t need any introduction,it is simply amazing and sophisticated.

Alexander McQueen pink dress,Alexa Chung off the sholder floral dress,Stella McCartney burgundy dress,Seen by Chloé dusty pink dress,Self portrait cape effect dress,Romeo Buckled clutch,Jimmy Choo gold clutch,Bucellati earrings,Jemma Wynne peral earrings

Back 2 school

I don’t want to admit it,you don’t want to admit it but we all know that school is starting. Summer is over so it’s time to take the backpacks out of the closet and to prepare our outfits (and notebooks,haha).

I made up 3 different looks so you can choose you favourite one. Anddd the best part is that I selected just items from H&M,Zara and Asos so you will have enough money to buy the last Apple laptop.

Asos cardigan and backpack,New Balance shoes,Zara top and jeans

Asos sweater,shoes,bag and glasses,H&M pants

Asos shoes,bag and skirt,H&M blazer and top

Life and stuff

Do you have to have your life figured out yet ? This is a question that pops in my mind every night and alomost every day. I am 17 years old and I study at the Fine Arts Highschool in Bucharest. At the end of this year I chose my speciality and I oppted for scenography. But the fact is that I really don’t know if I want to do this at the university and so on… I like the artistic part of the art,the creative process and all of this but I also like the theoretical part of art,the history and all the intersting facts. In conclusion,I’m not sure what I will study and what’s gonna be the job of my life.

But I’m totally ok with this. You have an entire life to figure out what to do and with a little courage every little fail will bring you to the right place. I want you to know and understand this,you don’t need to have your whole life figured out ! It’s ok to be unsure,it’s ok to have moments when you don’t know that what you are doing is correct but what matters the most is to keep going till you get to the perfect point where you are completly pleased. Just be kind to yourself and trust the process !

I wanted to share all of this with you because I constantly felt like I needed to know exactly what to do with my life and I was constantly stressed,but now I know that this is not how life works. LIVE !

Fashion Focus

What: Chiara Feraggni Store


Why: I loved Chiara Feraggni from her early days and I still love her now when she has became an amazing buisness woman. The main reason I always liked her is the simple fact that she stayed true to herself and her style,and her style is what catched my eye first. Now that she has grown the collection and store which carry her name are a natural extension to her natural,young style. Travelling,sparkles,art,snowboarding and hers italian touches are all present in the (maybe) coolest store in Milano.

Festival Looks

I know you can find festival inspiration on almost every single site on google but I still wanna do it because is so fun,easy and you have no restrictions. Yeah,I’ve just described the outfits-fun,comfortable,limitless-

H&M leather jacket (how cool is this ?),Gucci boots and backpack,Asos top and jeans,Net-a-porter sunglasses,Dior eyeliner

Zara dress,Asos waitbag and head piece,Supergoop sunscreen,Too Faced highlighter

Beauty on the go

I’m home for 2 weeks and I have enough time to prepare my posts so be ready because I think I will post daily (I’ve made a plan at the begining of thi summer and I want it to be completed). Today I tought that it would be intersting to share with you what I use for my face and my makeup when I’m not home. !!Alert!! I don’t use a lot of products because I care more about the places I see than the little pimple on face and also because I think my skin always looks better when I’m on vacantion.

I carry all my makeup in this pouch from Jumbo and I think that the quote on it says it all (haha).

For my skincare routine I have with me from left to right a facial cleanser,a night and a day cream. All of them are created for oily skin and help me keep my acne under control.

Skincare products-Balea

When it comes to makeup I like to leave my foundation,bronzer,concealer bla bla home and stick to the basics. A few colors of lipstik and a good balm,my favourite mascara and a sparkle something (i choose an eyeliner) for when you want to look more fancy.

Makeup-Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, H&M Gliteratti Mascara and Liner,Eos lip balm,Kiko lip balm,GH×Maybelline lipstick,NYX Liengerie liquid lipstick