8 cool places in Bucharest

This year ROMANIA turns 100 years and celebrations are needed on my blog ! Every 2-3 weeks I’ll upload a post with cool beautiful places you need to see (or go) in Romania. Today we start with the coolest places where you need to go in Bucharest.

1.Museum of Senses-here you will take the coolest photos you could ever imagine !

2.National Museum of Contomporary Art-situated in the Romanian Parliment Palace,you hit two rabbits at once and you have the occasion to explore the vision of young and talented artists. +there is a sky bar

3. Carturesti Carusel-nominalizated for numerous contests,this magical library is a must if you come in Bucharest

4.Art Safari-this is a temporary exhibition but if you are in Bucharest between 11-20 May you can go to this amazing “art festival”

5. The Grigore Antipa Museum- if you are an animal/human/planet lover a walk in this museum is everything you want !

6. Xenofon Street- the only stair street in Bucharest and a hand of talented artists made them even more special

7. Therme-situated near Bucharest this place is perfect for a relaxed day

8. The Botanical Garden-I love this place,is so paceful and perfect for a day with you family


What to wear ?

I think that this are my favourite tipe of posts to make,I’m not preety sure why but I think is kinda cool to be able to recrate this looks. So..hope you find some inspo for your future spring outfits.

H&Mskirt,Zara t-shirt,Net-a-porter jacket,Converse shoes,YSL lipstik

Net-a-porter suit,Gucci loafers,H&M sunglasses

H&M skirt,Nike top and shoes

Autumn Winter Recap

A little bit late,I want to share with my thoughts about the last Fashion Month. In an era where the political problems are so important and so talked about,the fashion houses realized that it’s time to stand up and help women all over the world not only to look beautiful,the most important,to look and feel powerful. I saw that fashion is no longer accesible for Barbie girls to make them prety and pink,fashion is now for ALL women and is comfortable,clean,strong and makes you feel like you can conquer the world !

My top 5 shows


2.Saint Laurent




Spring/Summer Beauty

I am now in a moment in my beauty life (haha) where I really want to get out of my confort zone and I’m constantly looking for inspiration. My favourite source of inspo is runways and today I want to share with you the last trends that I’m totally in love with.

I was waitting for the glitter comeback for my whole life and now I want to use it all over my body.

Glitter eyeshadow from Clinique

I think this should be always a trend. Try to take care of your skin and take it to best place you can.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude foundation

This is like an excuse for when you have a bad eyeliner day,but I love the edgy look quite much.

Sephora collection eye pen

If you are brave enough,leave the house with this make up.

Kat Von D Tatoo liner

I think this one is my fav ! I’m so over the perfect matte lip.

Dior Lip Glow

No more conturing,yesss ! Look how beautiful this model looks.

Too Faced blush

Again,if you are brave enough..

Clinique eyeshadow

Fashion Focus

Hy,hello,hola ! It’s time for a new fashion focus,but not like the tipical fashion focus because I really wanted to make one with Natalie Portman but I wasn’t able to find good photos of her street style,so here we have her amazing gala gowns. Oh my God,I love this woman so much,she is literary the grace in person. Not to mention that she is also so talented,I love every flipin film with her ! And she also is so smart and inteligent,and the fact that she stands up for other women is amazing. I don’t know,I just love her !

A call for spring

Because I have nothing to say about these photos and because I want my blog to be more intersting,more me,today I want to reccomand you a film. Shape of water. And not because it won the Oscar,because is a very moving film. It makes you think about the society where we live and the fact that sometimes a “monster” is more human than us. Give it a try and tell me your toughts in the comments.

What I wore- Lotto puffer jaket,Stradisvarius pullover,Koton skirt,Emu boots

Your house from winter to spring

I like snow and cold,but just for a week or two around Christmas…then I keep praing for spring to come faster. When spring comes,I usually don’t take it slow,I fully (and happly) jump into my spring wardrobe,into my spring beauty rutine and I like to give a little update to my house. Here are the steps I follow (usually on 1st March,ha).

A few day ago I went on a shopping spree and I assure you that you have a lot of cute flowery opptions from where to choose. You know,pillows for a house are like shoes for women,never enough.

Pillows from Zara


I always get bored of my bedding and buying one new for spring is an exciting refresh for my bedroom.

Bedding from Zara

I like to escape for the monotony of winter decor with a bold pop of colour.

Vase and pillow from H&M

This seems very natural to me,when in spring (and summer) buy as many flowers as you can.

Let the windows wide open and clean ! Clean ! Cleaning is the most satisfying thing you can do..I almost feel that fresh smell writing this lines.

After you close the window (haha) light up a new candel and enjoy the scent.

Candels from Zara