Fabulizer Travel Journal-Sibiu

RO-Sambata dimineata ne urcam in masina si dupa ce ne invartim cam o ora pentru a gasi o farmacie (e imposibil sa nu racesc vara,in timpul sau inainte de o calatorie) plecam spre prima destinatie: Sibiu. Mai fusesem acolo cam acum 5 ani..dar tot ce imi puteam aduce aminte era ca o supraveghetoare de la muzeul Brunchental m-a avertizat sa nu distrug un tablou cu sapca mea,atat. S-a dovedit ca Sibiul nu avea de oferit doar asta(haha) ! Centrul istoric este absolut superb si ceea ce imi place cel mai mult e ca locuitorii au pastrat aerul sasesc al caselor,acoperisurile caramizii si intimitatea locului. Plimbarea prin centru este clar un must,si faci opriri la punctele care te intereseaza. Eu am vrut neaparat sa revad muzeul Brunchental,care este pur si simplu o bijuterie,Podul mincinosilor este un loc perfect pentru poze iar la micile standuri de inghetata te ingrasi clar 2 kg (garantez).

EN-On Saturday morning we got in the car and after we searched for a pharmacy for about an hour (I always get sick after or meanwhile the vacantion) and then we left for the first destination: Sibiu. I had seen Sibiu 5 years ago..but all I could remember was that a lady told me to be careful with my cap because i was about to touch a paint from the Brunchental museum. It turned out that Sibiu has a lot more to offer ! The historical centre is absolutely amazing and what I relly like is that the inhabitants have kept the saxon air of the houses,the brick roofs and the privacy of the place. A stroll through the city centre is clearly a must. I wanted to revisit the Brukenthal museum,which is a gem,I took some photos on the Bridge of the Liars and I stopped at every ice cream stand. (trust me,you’ll gain at least 2 kilos).


Garden Party

Around me there are a lot of garden parties and I felt the need to show you my take on this kind of outfits.

I chose a simple,flowy,white dress and a pair of comfortable platform sandals. I think that a breatheble dress in light colors is a must this summer…and every summer. You can wear it from 8 am to 10 pm with the right accesories. As for shoes,you should keep in mind that at a garden party there will be grass and mud,so a pair of high heels isn’t the best option.

What I wore- Pull&Bear dress,CCC snadals

Summer kit

I don’t know if you like this posts as much as I do..but I’ll keep making them because I love the name. And I always come with new products so I hope everyone is pleased.

From right to left we have:


2. Fresh deep hydration facial toner-I love this product in the summer time because a)it smells like roses b)it’s very refreshing

3.Glow recipe pink juice moisturizer– I’m sure you heared about the mask but I love the moistureizer as well,it’s super easy and smells lovely

4. Drunk elephant face SPF-yes,you need to carefuly protect your skin from this crazy UV rays

The Royal Wedding

I’ve just saw a photo on instagram that said “Raise your hand if you’re still not over the royal wedding” and I was there behind my phone yelling YES YES YES,I’M NOT OVER ! And because I still have to write this post I’m ok..but after I finish,uhhh,I don’t want it to be over (lots of tears).

Ok,enough about me and more about one of THE MOST amazing weddings ever. Not only in the way it looked,but the fact that we saw prince Harry becoming a powerful man and coming in a place where he is at peace with the past and ready to start a new life with an absolutely wonderful woman is mind blowing !

The detalies were amazing,the flowers,the chapel,all the beautiful faces…and we can’t forget about Meghan’s wonderful dress. I loved both dresses,they were so mondern and at the same time royal,perfect for the new era this wedding opened.Oh,and her make up that was barely there,wow,that is make up goals !

Uhhh,I can’t get enough of this photos. Now we need to take a minute for William and Kate who where for the new couple. Kate never disappoints with her outfit !

Swimsuits 2018

I know this is not a topic that everyone likes to talk about but I LOVE to talk about it and I LOVE it even more to tell you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Don’t be afraid to wear swimsuits,your body is amazing and you have no reasons to be afraid of showing it. I know you maybe heared this for a million times,but so flipping true !

As I was watching through what swimsuits I chose,I saw that there is quite a pattern. I either like simple,structurated and monochrome pieces or floral cool ones. I guess that’s me ! What is your style ?

All the swimsuits are from: Asos,Zara,H&M and Cos

Met Gala and more

Hello,hello ! I need to do this posts so fast because in this time of the year my favourite fashion events are held (Cannes Film Festival and The Met Gala),but don’t worry,I can keep up ! I wanted to start with The Met Gala…not exactly the gala,but mostly the exhibiton,the real reason why the gala exists. Organised by the museum’s Costume Institute in collaboration with the departament of Medieval Art,Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Chatolic imagination explores how the religion’s imagery and symbolism has impacted contemporary haute-couture and ready-to-wear desings. The exhibition gathers designers like Coco Chanel, Gianni Versace, Raf Simons, Riccardo Tisci, Valentino, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Cristobal Balenciaga, Thom Browne, Yves Saint Laurent and Rick Owens and also traditional papal vestments provided by The Vatican and archive artifacts will be juxtaposed throughout.

And also,here is my top from the Met Gala

Warby Parker Sunglasses

Summer,sun,a picnic on the grass (or sand),the brezee,the sea,wavy hair,happines…but something is missing… I’ll tell you what,a pair of sunglasses ! But don’t worry, I got you ! Warby Parker is launching a new collection of summer sunglasses and I’m sure you will love every single pair (like I do).

Asos dress,Zara shoes,Warby Parker sunglasses,Zara bag,Ouai hairspray

Here I made an outfit inspired by my favourite pair. The Warby Parker sunglasses are made of ultra-lightweight titanium,color rich stainless steel and they feature premium lenses that are scratch-resistant and provide 100% UV protection. Cool,no ? Not to mention that the hand-polished premium acetate sunglasses are the base of all of your outfits this summer.

Now,have a good shopping day my ladies and gentlemen !