Spring wishlist

With spring just around the corner I took a free hour and searched on the internet for the coolest updates for your (and my) closet. Also,I like to take a look at other sites an blogs to see if what is in store is also on the runway,and it really is. So,we have pastels,dark jeans,color blocks,transparency…what do you choose ?

All things beside the blue jaket (Zara) are from Net-a-Porter

All things beside the sandals (Marni) are from Zara


How to be more organised

My life is very busy right now and I’m constantly looking for trips and triks to be more productive. As I got deeper in the “organisation problem” I quite became a master and I want to share with you what I’ve learned so far. Here is a simple plan I try to follow every day.


Wake up earlier (and go to bed earlier)- it’s very simple,if you wake up earlier you have more time,and don’t forget to always make up your bed.

Take a shower,clean your mind and start a fresh new day .

Eat well in order to have enough energy for the rest of the day.

Work time

Write a to do list-is important to visualise your tasks and to make sure you don’t forget one of them. You can use a bullet journal,a planner or an app (my fave is Evernote) to write everything down.

Tasks-when it comes to your tasks,focus on one task at a time and save the best for last and first.At the end,reward yourself !

Switch off your phone-you don’t need distractions

Take productive breaks and set limits,you don’t want to be an work maniac.


Take a shower,wash your face,apply a mask,use tonner and apply a lip balm and then put on a cute pijama.

Set out a cute outfit for the next day so you will have more time in the morning.

At the end of the day,just relax !


In Bucharest is raining right now and I’m here in the bus,looking at this full of sun photos form Satu-Mare. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me so we don’t have a travel journal but I maneged to take this photos with my Iphone.

About the journey,it was amazing as always 😂 We didn’t have time for shopping or visiting but the experiences we had at the competition were 💯 This year we were really lucky and the Japan Team came..those girls are amazing and I truly apreciate how much work and effort they put in everything. Sometimes I just stay in bed and think..OMG,what I’ve done to deserve this ? To have the opportunity to meet such amazing people and to see this places.

Fabulizer Travel Journal-Vienna

There are just a few words that can describe how beautiful and amazing Vienna is. Every step you take shows a new part of a sophisticated culture.

I went to Vienna after a week trip to Slovakia and I can say that I deeply falled in love with it. I only spent two days in the city but those two days were beyond words.

The most easy way to discover this city is to take a walk in the city center. See the famous Opera,the ferris wheel,the Saint Stefan Chatedral,the beautiful parks and much more.

Fab Guide 4

Mixing Prints

Hey guys ! Today we are talking about a tricky problem,how to mix prints. But first,I want to tell you one thing you need to keep in mind “if it makes you happy,wear it”.

Here are some triks:

●create a base,make one print a neutral base for your look

●scale is key,choose one large and one small print

●match print colors,picking a hue from the same color family will help blend your prints


And here are some prints that pop:

Cheap Trips

As 2018 is just at the begining and I’m sure you all have “travel more” on your resolutions list. I thought it would be usefull to share with you some advice for a beautiful and not so expensive trip.

First choose a place. Whatever you dreamed for so long. Then your best friend will be the internet. 

Ohh..about the location…don’t you worry about language..you can use english EVERYWHERE.

Booking a flight is not that expensive. You can choose a low-cost company.You don’t get all that confort but the main thing is that you get from point A to point B. If you choose to take a low-cost flight you can chek WizzAir,BlueAir and RaynAir. Also,remeber that on low-cost tickets you have just the carry-on baggage,if you have another big baggage you will have to pay for it. So,be carefull of what opptions fit you the best.

Ok,so you have location,flight and now you need a place where to stay. I always use AirBnb and from my personal experience I recomand you to start looking as soon as you know the place where you travel because 1.is more safe 2.you can get a discount. 

Everything is ready,you get to the city and now…it’s time for party. Ask the locals about the things you really need to see,search on the internet important places,enter in a park you like,discover an art gallery,do anything that makes you happy.

Hope this post really helped you and tell me in the comments if I should do a separate post for every category where I can tell you more information. 

Travel safe !

New Looks

New Year=new struggles to find a cool outfit. You’re luky that I really enjoy making up this looks. Inspo for you,inspo for me,inspo for all. I choose pieces from H&M to Marc Jacobs so you have a large spectrum from where to choose.

 Zara co-ord set,H&M shoes,Net-a-porter earrings,Valentino headband,Fenty beauty lipstick


H&M dress,Jimmy Choo pumps,Marc Jacobs Bag,Zara earrings

Ashish dress,Zara boots and leather jaket,Urban Decay Moondust pallete,H&M earrings